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 Michael Schwarz (Founder & CEO)

Michael Schwarz was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma April 25, 1993 and was raised in Oklahoma City. Growing up, Michael has a very colorful imagination and desire to entertain and make others happy. He enjoyed magic tricks and for a while had hopes to be a magician, but the first time he had a small cam-corder in hand his mind changed. Michael wanted to be a filmmaker.

Late in the year of 2009, Michael had established his first film production company, IWMFB (I Want My Family Back) Production, along side Alex Bernstein and with the help of KJ Nigg. IWMFB had made many projects and Michael’s feet seemed to be getting off of the ground. In August of 2011, IWMFB Production unfortunately discontinued. Within that same month, Michael Schwarz established a brand new production company, FriendlyMic Productions. During the birth of his new company, Michael took and huge interest in photography and urban exploring. December 2011, he was featured on the website “Abandoned Oklahoma” under the name, FriendlyMic, which consist of him and his co-photographer, Mary Lupton-Evans.

Over the next year, FriendlyMic Productions grew. In August of 2012, Michael was off to attend college at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, Arkansas. That September, he established his new hit website, Abandoned Arkansas. In the spring of 2013, He met Ray Bertram. Ray and Michael started a new film series, ThisIsArkansas, as they go around to towns in Arkansas and document them.

Michael’s photography and films are absolutely phenomenal. Today, he continues to thrive and learn more to enrich his skills. Making many sacrifices and working many long and hard hours is what truly taken Michael Schwarz to where he is today. FriendlyMic Productions (Facebook) Abandoned Arkansas (Facebook) @FriendlyMic – Twitter. WEBSITE – FriendlyMic Productions.

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