Old NLR Memorial Hospital

City/Town: Little Rock
Location Class: Hospital
Year Built: 1940's
Year Abandoned: 1999
Status: Demolished
Photographer: Michael SchwarzJared Holt

This hospital was abandoned after years of life as a top-tier health provider in the state of Arkansas. Now it has been abandoned.

After World War II, the hospital activity picked up in North Little Rock. Memorial Hospital also opened on the hill above Pike Plaza. Once a state of art facility, the Memorial Hospital is where a lot of people in Arkansas were born. It’s sad to see such a big part of Arkansas just sitting abandoned… The new hospital was moved in late 2004 and renamed Eugene Towbin Veterans Affairs Hospital (AKA Va Hospital North Little Rock).Just down the street from the old location.

Other sources say Baptist Memorial Hospital was actually moved to another location called Baptist Health Medical Center located on Springhill Drive in North Little Rock.

After it was closed, the original hospital building was occasionally used as a “Haunted Hospital” attraction around Halloween, which would account for some of the images where there appears to be smeared “blood” on the walls. This hospital is not actually haunted.

Thank you to the demolition crew for letting us in to take pictures.

Unfortunately the time that I went, the building was half way torn down. By now it is completely gone. I stood in front of the former Baptist Memorial Hospital in North Little Rock to watch a crane operator drop a wrecking ball into the building that they are demolishing. The 6-story structure was built in 1962 and closed in 1999 when the hospital moved. The city acquired it and then sold it and the surround 40 acres for $200,000 to One Pershing Circle LLC, a Little Rock development group.





  1. I wish they would do something with that place now that they have torn the old hospital down ,would be a great investment for someone

  2. My mother worker there in the seventies and eighties and I would walk there after school. It was where my youngest sister was born and so many of us got stitches. I was shocked to see it gone.

  3. I watched the hospital being built from my school room on 18th street. The hospital was originally 4 stories and 2 more were added. Then the new ER/ICU and CCU wings were added. All that remains is the ER wing and it has been gutted. I worked here in there mid 1970's to 1981. Worked ER on the 11-7 shift. Some nights we had no one come in, other nights we were flooded with patients. The ER staff was me, a nurse and ER doc. and that was it! When it was closed, I was hoping it would be developed into a vets home and used by the VA, but Mayor Hayes could not wait to tear it down. What a waste of a beautiful building and grounds.

  4. Judy Rollins on

    I started working there in 1970 and spent most of my career there. I didn't even know it was being torn down. I can't help but feel sad. So many memories and so many friends made at that hospital.

  5. The city of North Little Rock built the hospital, therefore the city owned the building. Baptist Medical System rented the building and ran it the entire time Memorial was in operation at this site. At one time during the 90's Baptist did a survey among the community and realized that people did not know that the hospital was ran by Baptist. Therefore the name was changed to Baptist Memorial Hospital.I even had someone tell me that "The hospital is better now that Baptist is running it."
    I went to Gardner Methodist Church off of Pike Avenue down the hill from Memorial. Story goes the members of Gardner voted to have church service end at 1130 so they could beat a local Baptist Church in NLR for lunch. I can remember working Sundays and the line into the cafeteria were long with "church folks".
    I started to work at Memorial in 1987 and moved to the new site at Springhill. It was sad to move but there was no longer room to meet the services needed for the community of NLR. One advantage of working at the old was location was during Riverfest and 4th of July fireworks. I could watch the fireworks from work and in the air conditioning. I would even make sure my patients that were on the side of the building would be able to watch also. I would adjust the bed side they could even lay on their side if unable to site up on the side of the bed. Also, as someone mentioned above, it was like a big family among the staff. The elevators would open up and one could see everyone at the nursing stations. The administration did not want to loose that family feeling at the new location. I have many fond memories working there. I remember told me when I was in nursing school, " That the nursing students would come over in a bus and you could see them unloading for work/clinicals." They did not do that when I went to Baptist Nursing School. I am sure that was in the 60s and 70s. The nursing staff were very friendly and kind to the nursing students. That is one of the main reasons I went to work at Memorial and Baptist.
    And yes after the move it was uses as a Haunted Hospital for a few years. I hate to know that the stained glass and the hospital is gone. My nursing is based on what I learned in that wonderful hospital called Memorial. RIP in old friend.

  6. I worked there many years started my career there we were more like family than co workers I have so many fond memories of that place it is so sad to see this I was hoping it would be used for something good .

  7. Martin Springer on

    Visited NLR throughout my childhood. It was a common practice for Grandparents and I to have Sunday lunch in dining room at Memorial Hospital. Food was excellent! Know it'sounds odd and is an odd thing to remember, especially after 50+ years.I also recall the beautiful stained glass windows. What is on the site now?

  8. Linda Baldridge Kam on

    I worked there twice in my nursing career. First 1979-1981 and again 1989-1992. Was sad to see it go down, lots of good memories there.

    • AbandonedAR Team on

      Unfortunately, the stained glass was not saved… When the hospital was demolished, everything went to the junkyard. Wish it could have been saved.

  9. Great site! One quibble with the article, though:

    Baptist Memorial Hospital was actually moved to another location – it is now Baptist Health Medical Center on Springhill Drive in North Little Rock. The VA hospital nearby this building is not related.

    After it was closed, the original hospital building was occasionally used as a "Haunted Hospital" attraction around Halloween, which would account for some of the images where there appears to be smeared "blood" on the walls.

    I wonder what happened to the large stained glass window that was on the front of the building….

    • Chris, thanks for the information. I didn\’t know a lot about this location. I\’m glad to know more! I will make changes! Thank you! Oh and when I went, it was already half way torn down. I never got to see the stained glass.

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