Scott County Hospital

City/Town: Waldron
Location Class: Hospital
Year Built: 1961
Year Abandoned: 2004
Status: AbandonedGutted
Photographer: James Kirkendall

During the early 1960’s a twenty two bed hospital had opened in Scott County Waldron Arkansas after a new city/county sales tax had passed. Even though Scott County Hospital started small it featured a surgery room, X ray room, laboratory and an emergency care room. In 1965 the county hospital had expanded from twenty two beds to thirty three. On February 1982 St. Edwards Mercy of Fort Smith purchased the building and the south wings were added making it a two story complex. Eventually the hospital was split as St Edwards Mercy and Pinewood convalescent Nursing Center.

In 2000 the property was sold to a private ownership and was turned exclusively into a 105 bed nursing home. In 2004 Waldron Nursing Center sold the building to a new owner as a brand new nursingĀ  home had been constructed across town. In its later years of use it was used as a training facility as well as shelter for hurricane Katrina victims. Unfortunately the building had many maintenance problems and now the inside has been gutted. In 2012 the building was sold once again and the current owners hope to put the lonely halls of the building to good use once again as a ministry.

*/Caution: The Scott County Hospital is constantly watched by local law enforcement. Anyone caught trespassing are subject to be arrested.\*


  1. It is. I've seen it myself. I worked in the nursing home. A lot of the employees were terrified to walk the dark halls alone at night.

  2. Its sad for it to just sit there my mom Linda was a CNA there and my aunt carol's nursing degree started out there.if walls could talk I'm sure those would have a lot to say.

  3. darlene mills fritzinger on

    worked there from 1990 to 2000 had lots of fun with coworkers. Alla Merle, Linda, Peggy and others whose names escape me now.

  4. That building is known to have homeless people in it. this one couple claimed they were allowed to live there and they claimed to be "house sitting ". They roamed around this town all summer. i even complained to police department & was told nothing could be done since the owner said it was okay for them to be there. all abandoned buildings must be destroyed. they attract homeless& drug users. more than rodents.

  5. First of all, God bless all of us who visit this site. It makes my heart so heavy… I visited my brother there in the 90's and it seemed to be a good place. (He even met his wife there) Oh no that couldn't be the end of it. My genealogy research has brought me back to this institution not once, twice but THREE times. Like I said, God bless us all and not let us take our lives for granted.

  6. Scott County and Waldron are both in a very bad downward spiral. The drug situation is only getting worse and the crime rate is going up. Violent crimes, murder, rape, and home invasions are on the riseas well. Taxes are some of the highest in the nation, and the local government is demanding even more. More businesses close every week, and for sale signs are everywhere. I have lived in Scott County all my life, and there have never been as many empty and abandoned stores and houses as there are now.

  7. sad to say the least ,people would rather see that property run down than use it or let it be used ,at one time a local church wanted to buy it an was refused because it would be used for people who were recovering from drug addictions …not like Scott county has a drug issue .

    • I think the people that are in jail there know should be taken there daily to clean it up and get it running. Then turn it into a rehab for all the addicts. I think it could help. Then when they are released back into the world they have to have a place to live outside that town.

    • Yea but you haft to think its gana be your tax dollars to keep them there people i know there dont have the money to pay for it put a better hospital there

  8. Wow can't believe how bad it looks I remember spending my summers there as a kid !! Glad there going to do something with the building

  9. My grandmother worked there and took me there all the time. Scared the hell out if me. There was one woman with long white hair in a wheelchair that would lure you closer with gum, then pinch the shit out of you when you got close enough.

  10. Steph Piles Mathis on

    The only memories I have of my great grandmother Julia Holland Piles are from this place. She lived there until her death at age 101.

  11. Walked those halls my whole life. Granny Virgie was over the kitchen and my Mom Nelda worked there for years. Then I did also, would love to see God use it for his Glory.

  12. They used it as a refugee house after the hurricane then it was condimmed for black moad and asbestos if I remember correctly

  13. I worked there when Wes and Roo were babies. That is where I ttok Roo when we got out of the hospital when he was born. We went to see grandma Hines before we went home from town.

  14. . I hate to see this place in the shape it is. I have lived here all my life and would like to see something done to the building.

  15. It would be wonderful to see something back in this place. I dislike when buildings are left to rot when there is so many in need. May this project be blessed so that it may bless others

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