Southeast Arkansas Home

City/Town: Arkansas State
Location Class: Residential
Year Built: 1968
Year Abandoned: 1990s
Status: Abandoned
Photographer: AAR Supporting Material

Front of the home after abandonment but before the bamboo and other vegetation took over and encapsulated it to obscure most of the house from view

This abandoned home, built in 1968, is a total of 12,134 square feet with 7 and ½ bathrooms, and three levels with an indeterminate amount of bedrooms, two kitchens, multiple common areas, 3 fireplaces, a massive indoor pool and hot tub area, and an underground tunnel area for storage. The floor was built with wood subfloor and covered in ceramic tile. The flat roof was covered in tar and gravel. Much of the house was built with cinderblocks, as were many of the other buildings built in the town by the owner.

Satellite view: The red circled area is the large indoor pool section. Green is the multi level house. The blue is the carport/driveway entrance.

The house itself is now in total disrepair, abandoned sometime in the 1990s by the family who built another grand house not far away. From the front, it appears to be just a small building hidden behind trees and massive amounts of bamboo, however older photos show what looks to be one or two stories, when the house’s true grandeur and size is hidden from the front. Because of the open floor plan and exposure to the elements, the house is inhabited now by a great deal of mold, bats, and the carcasses of wild dogs or coyotes that wandered in and were unable to navigate their way out. At one point, an alligator found a brief home in the large pool and had to be removed by Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

Despite the deterioration and decay, the house is still a marvel to behold and walk through. The owners have noted the site is specifically off limits and dangerous, and no trespassing is allowed.



    • It is such a shame. I wish I could win the lottery and repair it. It looks like it was amazing and the history alone makes it worth restoring. Such a kind man.

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