Gazzola Memorial Mercy Hospital

City/Town: Brinkley
Location Class: Hospital
Year Built: 1940's
Year Abandoned: 2001
Status: Abandoned
Photographer: Michael SchwarzEddy SissonBrandon Phillips

This hospital first opened in the late 1940s as the Gazzola Memorial Mercy Hospital. For the first several years the hospital was ran by nuns. Over the years the hospital changed it’s name multiple times (Magnolia, Mercy Hospital, Delta Medical Center, etc.), and went abandoned in 2001 along with St. Joseph’s nursing home, which sits right next to the old hospital connected by a small hallway. Towards the back of the hospital, a small school for young children operated from about the 1970’s. Old wallpaper along with banners, desks and stories still remain.

In the old hospital today, you can find small pieces of the 1940’s architecture throughout the building, Old surgery rooms, delivery rooms, and a big stone cross on the outside. This place holds a lot of memories for the town of Brinkley, Arkansas. If only the walls could talk, the stories that this building could tell would just be fascinating.

Please enjoy the pictures below, and do not go to this facility without permission! Police constantly patrol the area and will arrest you for trespassing!


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  2. i remember walking with the Mrs Shackleford from the elementary school to sing Christmas carols to the residents of the nursing home….. so sad

  3. I was born at this hospital in 1958 my name is Cathy Wms. This hospital holds a lot of memories for my family, I have other sibs born here also!!! I miss Cotton Plant.

  4. I was born at this hospital in 1963! Nuns helped deliver me.
    Years later I volunteered as a Candy-striper! Lots of memories…

  5. Micheal L. Story on

    MY name is Micheal L. Story,i was born in this hospital on a cold December morning in 1971.though I have no memories of that historic day. My mother Helen could tell you some stories!

  6. Bobby Alberson on

    I was born there, my mother worked there as a nurses aid and when I was 15 I worked there as a janitor. my name is Bobby Alberson

  7. My mom was born here. There were talks of tearing it down and building a nice apartment complex on the land, but the city didn't approve and would rather an abandoned hospital sit there.

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