Old Helena High School

City/Town: Helena
Location Class: School
Year Built: 1910's
Year Abandoned: 1970's
Status: Restored
Photographer: Brandon Phillips

Located in Helena this old school ran from the early 1900′s to about 1970′s. Closure to this school was most likely due to low enrollment.


Old High School Remodeled

“Renovations are underway as Door Creek construction converts the old high school into fixed-income apartments. Construction continues at the Old Helena High School as windows are being placed by Door Creek Construction crew. Windows are being provided by Rockford Illinios Earthwise Lindsay Window and Door.” Helena-Arkansas.com


  1. I remember the auditorium well! It was there that Pauline McDaniel Smith held our dance recitals. Great old school!

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  3. I attended the old Helena High School 1938-1944. At that time Jefferson School covered the first 4 grades. HHS, grades 5 thru 12.

  4. Michael Benge on

    WOW! What interesting architecture-so does this come in under late Beaux Arts or what? Doesn't have the school Gothic of the teens and twenties. A building like this definitely deserves to be repurposed.

  5. I went to school there at Helena elementary from 1962 to 1867 the 4,5,6th grade
    its was a great school and the principal live just acroos the street .

  6. Laurie S McLendon on

    I knew this was called Helena Elementary school at one time! Thanks Eddy. I knew I wasn't going nuts!

    I went to Sacred Heart from 1-6th…grades

    we would go across the street to see plays at the Helena Elementary school! Some we had to pay for !

  7. My Father James Alfred Little went to this school, we visited and I have a picture with me and him sitting on the steps. Sad to see that they let such a Great piece of history waste! My Father was born Oct 10, 1921

  8. It's kinda pathetic that with the resources everyone has now that a place can get this way… There's a building in Scranton that says circa 18xx on the front, looks like someone took care of it until about 10 years ago. When I noticed one piece of tin flopped up, it's still like that, I'm sure it has a lot of damage from that by now

  9. I went to tbhis school in 1966 to 1967 and it was a grade school. Why does eveyone keep calling it a high school and sacred hearts academy?

    • It was an elementary school. I attended it in the 4-6th grade when the races started mingling. That was a hard year and the blacks backed then were non too happy for the change and reacted badly when I was in the sixth grade. I got my first taste of how much that hated the change when I was backed up in the bathroom and a knife pulled on me. They just said they WERE taking over and I better get out of their way. That was a group of sixth grade girls for goodness sake! The third floor was about rotten back then and we would sneak up there during our projects and scout around , had to walk over planks of plywood covering giant holes in the floor where we could see the bottom of the floor underneath.

    • Lawson Anderson on

      It was Helena high school before it was an elementary school. My dad went to high school there in the 1930s. Sacred heart was a convent across the street. It is long gone.

  10. glen pittman on

    i went to this school from the fourth grade to the sixth. mr. brown was the janiator at that school and if anyone needed him they could find him in the basement. the auditorium was on the third floor. the people who did plays there would dress on the fourth floor and go down a hallway down to the third floor. the auditorium was one of the best in the state. yes, a few famous teenagers went there like conway twitty john and gene hughey and gene bearden who played baseball for new york i think. not bad for a small town of ten thousand people.

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